If the empress hadn’t had a miscarriage and given birth to a prince my age, I would have been nominated as a potential next generation’s Empress.

It was because my household was the only one with a daughter among two dukedoms and two marquisates.

Just because of that, I had the greatest chance of being appointed as the next Empress.

However, the empress lost her first child and was suspected of being unable to have any more children due to his weak body.

After many years, she barely managed to give birth to a princess.

The birth of an Imperial Princess marked a change in rank.

First, it meant that I no longer had to be engulfed in useless political strife in order to choose a marriage partner, and second, it meant that there was a new authority over Emil.

“You don’t look pleased, huh” Rastine said to me, taking turns looking at Hill and me.

“It’s not that, I’m just surprised.”

“I’ve never done anything surprising.”

“She means your appearance itself is astonishing.” Hill interrupted me and added, “She hasn’t seen your face in the last two years. 

“I haven’t had a chance to come to the capital, but now it will be different with my admission to the academy.”

‘I remember now.’ I was going to send him an invitation for my tenth birthday, but canceled it after news that he had gone to the estate.

“Then why in the capital…”

“Do I have to tell you”

“Haha.” I laughed sourly at that arrogant tone.

‘Don’t say anything if you don’t want to.’

Emil, who might have seen my reaction while being nearby, approached me when Rastine appeared.

Behind him, Blensia chased him up close.


“Emil, sorry.

I said I’d be back soon, but…”

“It’s fine.

I came because I thought something was going on.”

Restless, Blensia peeked at Rastine’s reactions.

As I was about to return to my original seat, I heard Rastine’s sneering behind me.

“I heard you live as an attendant in Lankester, it seems your master likes you quite a lot.

Your face has become quite shiny.”




Emil, who looked back at him, turned without giving him much attention. 

But not me.

‘I was trying not to go through such a humiliation.’

Hildred was cleverly rude and bothersome, but never spoke so directly as Rastine.

When a powerful person speaks, people below them will naturally agree.

As I paused my steps, Emil turned to look at me in wonder.

“You’re being rude.”

“Am I Was there anything wrong with my words”

“Young Duke Calixst is not staying in the Lankester mansion to play a role as a servant whatsoever.

I have invited him as a guest and friend.

He’s Lankester’s distinguished guest.”

My rebuttal left him speechless.

However, soon after, he asked as if wondering if I meant it.

“Why take the trouble” 

Without malice, ridicule, or any intention whatsoever, Rastine was really curious.

And although they wouldn’t have said it aloud, Hildred and the other children must have been curious about the same thing too.

‘Of course, I can’t tell you the real reason.’ So today, as well, I had to put on a great facade.

“…Isolating someone out of prejudice and making them live in persecution just because you don’t know anything about it isn’t the right thing to do.”

That’s why… 

At this moment, I hated myself for lying so shamelessly.

“Do you think you’re some kind of saint” Rastine, who silently listened, swept his chin and sighed as if disappointed.

“If it’s really unfair, he should get himself out of it on his own.

There’s no need for you to stand up for a guy who doesn’t even struggle.”  

“What did you say”

The moment I was about to snap at him in anger, Emil grabbed Rastine by the collar.

“What do you know about me”

No one knew the truth about Princess Robellin.

There was only one person who understood her, the woman who gave birth to me.

My mother. 

I had no intention of defending a criminal.

Still, I could say one thing for sure.

In that dark and oppressive place, Emil tried as hard as he could and resisted.

It was just that his surroundings were far too cruel.

“Has the mother you don’t even know ever appeared to you in your dreams, laughing at you and saying that you are a monster just like her” Emil muttered calmly.

But the light in his eyes was menacing.

“…Let go.”

“Have you ever experienced being treated as if you don’t exist, but being monitored on every expression at the same time”




“Have you ever knelt in front of your biological father and begged forgiveness for doing absolutely nothing wrong”

I covered my mouth at the words that came out of his mouth.

I had to stop him, but my legs froze at each word that came out of Emil’s mouth.

“…How much more did I have to struggle”

“…I told you to let go.”

“Answer me.”

Rastine, shaking off Emil, said with contempt,

“Is that why you chose to stick to another family like a leech”

I suddenly felt that I had a vague understanding of why Rastine was hostile to Emil.

It was offensive.

“To one of the noblest families in this Empire”

The fact that our family, admired by everyone, was in everybody’s mouth because of Emil.

“If you’re going to use the stigma that follows you because of your mother, then, at least, you shouldn’t be causing any damage around you.”

Emil’s eyes quake for a second.

I hurriedly covered his ears and made him look at me.

“Emil, don’t listen.

You don’t have to listen.”




I grabbed Emil’s hand, who was obviously in shock.

Nonetheless, he slowly pulled my hand away. 

And Rastine finally shot the last blow.

“Or is it because, as you want to secure your place next to the girl who will become a Marquis, you’re appealing to the sympathy of others

Just as I was about to glare at Rastine to shut up–



Emil threw his fist at Rastine, and he staggered, covering his face.

Appalled by the sudden situation, I ran towards the two.

“Miss Velsia! You can’t, you’ll get hurt!”

Blensia grabbed me, holding me so as not to be in the middle of the two.

The fight escalated before anyone could stop them.

Rastine, hit by Emil, counterattacked relentlessly, and the two fell, rolling tangled on the floor.

I held my breath.

Emil, who assaulted Rastine, was expressionless as if his reaction was a given.

It was a situation where he deserved to be angry but…

“The Marquis and.

Marchioness, I killed them.”

Memories of that time flooded me as I watched the violent scene.

Watching him regain his emotional stability over the past two years, I was relieved, thinking it would be okay if I just continued.

However, unless the people in this country and around him completely change their perception of Emil…

‘Does it mean it’s impossible to get rid of Emil’s madness’

Instantly, the blood drained from my hands and feet.

I was struck by terror.

Emil’s appearance, beating someone without a single hesitation, seemed to have stuck in my head. 

As I stoop dazed in shock, Hildred passed me by and broke two of them.

“…Why don’t you both calm down”

It was only then that I came to my senses.

But soon after, I clung to Emil, who was about to raise his hands once again.



“I know you’re angry, but this isn’t the way.”




Perhaps because I was clinging to him, Emil slowly loosened Rastine’s collar.



“Then how am I supposed to pay him back”








“…You too, think I’m wrong”

It was a monotonous voice.

Deedless eyes.

Without realizing it, I realized the hand holding his arm. 

Hildred helped Rastine up while I restrained Emil.

His cheeks looked painful at a glance, all red and swollen.

One of the attendants hurried out in search of someone to mediate the sudden affairs.

Cooling his swollen cheeks with the back of his hand, Rastine sneered.

“…I’ll leave this matter to the Calixst household this time.”

‘Who’s at fault!’ 

I greeted my teeth.

I wanted to refute him right away, but now Emil was my priority.

Before leaving, I glared at Rastine, and he called me from behind.

“Velsia Lankester.”

Since I had no need to answer, I ignored his call.



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