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It didnt take long for He Chen and Yuan Xiu to prepare the bathwater and the food, and soon after everything was ready, they exited Ye Li Xiaos palace.

Ye Li Xiao looked at the table full of scrumptious dishes, but he had little to no appetite.

“Mew, mew~” Xing Luo smelled the scent of meat, and she clung to a table leg, tilting her little head and looking up with expectations, her big black shiny eyes seemingly releasing light.

Ye Li Xiao extended his big hand and lightly lifted Xing Luo up and placed her on his lap.

He took the milk on the table and gave it to Xing Luo.

A cat this big ought to drink milk… he had no pets and so understood very little.

Looking at the glistening white cows milk in front of her, Xing Luo was very discontented.

She was the grand King of the Hundred Beasts, so naturally, she should eat meat! She does not want to drink milk!

“Meow!” I want to eat meat!

While meowing in protest, Xing Luo opened her tiny mouth and bit the back of the thumb of Ye Li Xiaos hand that was holding the milk; it was not a hard bite, but it left a lot of saliva behind.

“…What Do you want to eat meat” Ye Li Xiao quickly understood what she wanted.

“Meow~” Yes, yes, yes!

While responding, Xing Luo licked the spot where he had just been nipped by her.

Although she hates Ye Li Xiao, this was the Demon Palace, which was his domain.

Xing Luos current cultivation level was too low, and even if she could escape, it wasnt safe to do so.

It was better to temporarily stay by Ye Li Xiaos side, for it could be seen that he seemed to be very fond of her in her cat state.

In order to survive, Xing Luo could only play nice and curry favor with him first.

With Ye Li Xiaos protection, it would be more convenient for her to cultivate, and if he was willing to provide her with some elixirs, then her cultivation speed would definitely be even faster.

Using your enemys things to allow yourself to cultivate at a rapid pace, the account is profitable by any calculation.

Xing Luo was an intelligent person.

Although she had enmity with Ye Li Xiao, he is now the most useful one for her.

How could she offend him

Ye Li Xiaos deep eyes looked at the quirky little thing on his leg, and then, he directly held Xing Luo and finally placed her on the table.

“If you want to eat anything, just eat it, okay.” Ye Li Xiao said in a cold voice.

As soon as the words were spoken, Xing Luo immediately pounced on a roasted chicken and began to gobble it up1.

Seeing that she was eating with relish, Ye Li Xiao unexpectedly gained a little appetite.

He picked up the chopsticks and started to eat the meal.

Half a roasted chicken very quickly went into Xing Luos tiny belly.

She had thought she could have eaten all the dishes on the table, because she was a tiger! But her current body is only just a kitten, and she was full after eating half of a roasted chicken.

Truly, what a disgrace for her!

Xing Luo walked up to the teacup in front of her, probed in, and took a few sips of the tea inside.

After eating and drinking to her fill, Xing Luo leaned back on her little tummy to look up and lay down backward on the table with her limbs spread wide open.

Really comfortable~

She already hadnt enjoyed such a comfortable and wanton moment in a long time.

Ever since she sat in the position of the Demon King, she had never had a moment to relax.

Now she had become a kitten that no one cared about, contrary to expectation, it wasnt necessarily bad.

“…” Ye Li Xiao quietly looked at Xing Luos revealing, round, and bulging tiny stomach.

This cat is really spiritual2 and knows how to enjoy itself.

Ye Li Xiao reached out with his hand and touched her furry little belly, which was soft and felt very good to touch.

“Mew, mew!” Dont touch this King!

Xing Luo was thinking about resisting, but… having him touch her stomach felt extremely comfortable.

It was so comfortable that she unexpectedly didnt want to resist.

Humph~ Just think of it as Ye Li Xiao is giving this King a good massage!

FootnotesIdiom: to wolf down ones foodThis could also be intelligence