Chapter 29: Did She Bully You


Ye Li Xiao had rushed over when he sensed that Xing Luo was facing some kind of danger, but he did not show himself immediately.


It was because the moment he saw Xing Luo’s expression, he knew she could deal with Qi Xue’er by herself.


He waited until Xing Luo finished making her move before he showed up and supported her…


“Supreme Lord!” As soon as Qi Xue’er saw Ye Li Xiao, her emotions immediately became excited, “Supreme Lord! You saw it all just now! That little demon hurt me! You need to do something for me!”


The expressions of the teacher and students became very strange.

First, Qi Xue’er accused Xing Luo of cheating and wanted to spar with her.

Since Xing Luo could exert such strength, it meant that she did not cheat at all.

Moreover, in the sparring just now, Qi Xue’er had clearly wanted to cast a ruthless strike, and now she actually cried wolf first


But, in the end, Qi Xue’er was the daughter of the right minister, and so no one dared to expose her directly.

What if Ye Li Xiao did not take this matter into account, then, the person who exposed her, wouldn’t they be miserable


Everyone’s eyes settled on Ye Li Xiao.

They wanted to see what his attitude was.

If his favor was toward Qi Xue’er, it meant that he didn’t care that much about Xing Luo, and if his favor was toward Xing Luo, presumably he wouldn’t do anything to Qi Xue’er.

After all, Qi Xue’er was the daughter of the right minister.


“Supreme Lord~ Do you trust her, or do you trust me” Xing Luo smiled and came up to the side of Ye Li Xiao and took the initiative to wrap her arms around his uninjured one.


Seeing this scene, everyone froze…


Ye Li Xiao never allowed anyone to get close.

Not to mention women, even men couldn’t touch him.

Xing Luo even dared to put her arm around him directly…


Qi Xue’er also looked dumbfounded.

Her sister so far had not been able to approach Ye Li Xiao.

Was it not courting death if Xing Luo does this


The next scene made everyone’s jaw drop in shock…


Ye Li Xiao lowered his eyes to look at Xing Luo, and spoke in a cold voice: “Did she bully you”


Xing Luo nodded her little head, “She wanted to kill me!”


Ye Li Xiao turned his head to look at Qi Xue’er, who was still lying on the ground, and his eyes were filled with a dangerous murderous aura…


“Supreme, Supreme Lord… I didn’t! She is talking nonsense! I…” Not waiting for Qi Xue’er to give an explanation, her entire body was already floating in midair.

Her throat seemed to be strangled by an invisible force that left her unable to speak, and even her breathing became very difficult.


Ye Li Xiao, who stood in place, was raising his hand and grasping at something in the air.

But as he moved, Qi Xue’er’s expression became more and more painful…


Xing Luo couldn’t help but sigh in her heart at Ye Li Xiao’s strength.

No matter how far away the target was from him, he could take people’s lives from a distance like this.


Ye Li Xiao did not directly kill Qi Xue’er, and when she was about to stop breathing, Ye Li Xiao threw her back to the ground.


“Cough! Cough…” Qi Xue’er knelt on the ground and kept coughing, with her face full of shock.


Not to mention her, the other people looked and felt scared.

Everyone originally thought that Qi Xue’er was the daughter of the right minister, and even if Ye Li Xiao wanted to punish her, it would not be too severe.

After all, the right minister was more important than Xing Luo, a small demon, but did not expect him to clean up people without the slightest hesitation…


“Thank, thank you Supreme Lord, for the grace of not killing me…” Qi Xue’er hurriedly kowtowed her head to say thanks.


“You’ve thanked me too early.” Ye Li Xiao faintly said.

He did not say he would let Qi Xue’er go, but just that he had something to ask her, “Who prompted you to do this This is the only question and this Honorable One will only ask once.”


The rest of his words were left unsaid.


He would only ask the question once.

Qi Xue’er had only one chance, and if she didn’t tell the truth, she wouldn’t want to know the consequences.