Chapter 28: Do You Dare


“There’s no need for all that trouble.

It would be better to just have a competition.

Since you have completely mastered the knowledge from below level 50, then you probably must be able to use it comfortably, right If you can display your strength well, then it proves that you didn’t cheat.

On the contrary, if you don’t have the capability to even control it well, it means that you must have cheated.

How about it Do you dare” Qi Xue’er said provocatively.


Hearing what she said, the teacher spoke up, “Qi Xue’er, you are at the 30th level, and Miss Luo’er is only level 20.”


Qi Xue’er: “Teacher, don’t worry.

My purpose is just to verify that Luo’er has not cheated.

I won’t bully her by virtue of being above her in cultivation.

How about that Luo’er, do you accept”


The smile on Xing Luo’s lips deepened somewhat, but her eyes remained frosty.

Since someone was courting death, she was willing to play along.


Although Xing Luo’s cultivation was lower than Qi Xue’er’s, she was a Demon King in her previous life, even if, currently,  she only had a cultivation level of 20.

She could use some of her own secret arts created in her previous life, and could ultimately exert power far higher than level 20.

Usurping Qi Xue’er was not a problem…


Xing Luo: ” Okay, I will accompany you.”


Seeing that Xing Luo agreed, the teacher did not interrupt again.


Soon after, everyone left the academy and went to the courtyard to watch the competition between Xing Luo and Qi Xue’er.


Although Qi Xue’er said she would not bully Xing Luo, in her heart, she was secretly thinking of taking advantage of this sparring session to “accidentally” kill Xing Luo directly!


She was 10 levels higher than Xing Luo, and killing Xing Luo was as easy as squashing an ant!


Even if the teacher came in time and she couldn’t take Xing Luo’s life directly, she must destroy her face!


With a destroyed face, of course, Ye Li Xiao wouldn’t care about her anymore!


“Younger sister Luo’er, you should be careful…” As soon as the words were spoken, Qi Xue’er struck Xing Luo with a palm.


This palm looked ordinary, without even using any demonic qi, but Qi Xue’er’s sleeve concealed a black dagger, which was created for Qi Xue’er by a senior member of the Qi family.

Qi Xue’er could control the dagger with her mind, and when the dagger flew, it would not produce any demonic qi fluctuations, making it difficult for people to detect it at all.


Waiting for the dagger to kill Xing Luo, or ruin her face, even if the teacher noticed it, it would be too late…


Qi Xue’er quickly attacked, and at the same time, she controlled the dagger to fly out from her sleeve and strike straight at the top of Xing Luo’s head!


The teacher and other people who saw this scene wanted to prevent it, but it was too late…


While onlookers could not sense the problem in time, Xing Luo noticed that Qi Xue’er was hiding something in her sleeve from the very beginning.


Xing Luo concentrated qi in her fingertips and drew an invisible and colorless character in the void, directly meeting the dagger and Qi Xue’er’s palm with a symbol of emptiness.


“Boom–” The moment the two forces collided together, Qi Xue’er’s entire body was shaking and sent flying.


” Pff–” Qi Xue’er fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

She laid on the ground in a mess, covered her chest, and her eyes were full of disbelief.


Impossible… Xing Luo, a mere level 20 small demon, how could she injure me like this


Her dagger was refined by a high-ranking person and had no problem dealing with cultivators below level 50.

So how could Xing Luo easily resolve it 


Not waiting for the teacher, they went to check Qi Xue’er’s situation.

A strong and dangerous magic qi was produced suddenly in the courtyard, and then Ye Li Xiao’s figure appeared in front of Xing Luo.