Chapter 27: Luo’er Cheated


The teacher held the exam paper and said in a sincere and earnest tone, “Against my expectations, the person who scored full marks is Miss Luo’er.”


The teacher couldn’t help but think to himself, it was no wonder that Xing Luo didn’t listen carefully and answered so quickly.

It turned out that she was a genius.


“… What Full marks” The woman sitting next to Xing Luo was a little surprised.

She gave Xing Luo her own answers, and even she didn’t get a perfect score as there should be 1 or 2 mistakes.

Even so, it was perfectly fine to use the question to cause trouble, after all, Xing Luo was not only a greenhorn, and she also didn’t listen to the class.

How could she have gotten this score on her own strength


She didn’t expect Xing Luo to get them all right, but she brushed it off as luck…


“Teacher! I object!”, the woman exclaimed as she raised her hand.


Teacher: ” Qi Xue’er, do you have a problem”


This Qi Xue’er was none other than Qi Xuan’er’s younger sister, and what she did today was under the direction of her older sister.


Qi Xue’er pointed her finger at Xing Luo’s desk, “Teacher, she cheated! I saw a paper ball in her desk, and inside it should be the correct answers!”


“…” Xing Luo casted a sideways glance at Qi Xue’er.

It turned out that she gave her the paper ball, not to help her, but rather to harm her.


The Demon Palace was really a dangerous place, and there were many people who constantly wanted to harm Xing Luo.


Fortunately, she had Ye Li Xiao, the golden master… even if she was a little unbridled, there should be no problem.


“Oh” As soon as they heard this, everyone looked at Xing Luo, and the people sitting behind her could indeed clearly see a paper ball in her desk.


“Teacher! What Qi Xue’er said is true! There are indeed paper balls in Luo’er’s desk…,” the student behind her echoed.


Upon hearing this, the teacher frowned and walked over to Xing Luo, where he reached out and took the ball of paper out of the desk, Xing Luo made no effort to stop him. 


Qi Xue’er slandered her on the premise that Xing Luo was a good-for-nothing, but she was the real deal, and even if the paper ball was discovered, Xing Luo wasn’t worried.


The teacher opened the ball of paper and saw that the content inside was indeed the answers.

Although there were one or two mistakes, it was not difficult to think that Xing Luo might have changed it herself and wrote it all the correct answers, succeeding by a lucky stroke.


“Miss Luo’er, aren’t you going to explain yourself” The teacher looked at Xing Luo with a solemn expression.


Although she was personally sent by the Supreme Lord, since the Supreme Lord sent her here, The teacher still wished to instill knowledge upon her and teach her well.

Yet she cheated on the second day she just came…


Xing Luo looked at the gentleman with a languid expression, “The content on the test paper is so simple that only an idiot would cheat, alright”


The teacher was stunned, how could Xing Luo who was caught cheating have such an attitude


Qi Xue’er had originally thought that Xing Luo would be anxious, but did not expect her to be so emboldened.

Inwardly she thought that Xing Luo was relying on Ye Li Xiao who doted on her… but she would not be pleased for long.


Regardless of Xing Luo’s attitude, the result would not change, Qi Xue’er spoke up, “You say that so pleasantly.

Since you are so disdainful of cheating, how do you explain the paper ball in your desk Don’t try to shirk responsibility!”


“And where did the paper ball come from Wouldn’t you be clear” Xing Luo looked at Qi Xue’er with a smirk, but her eyes were gloomy and cold.


Upon eye contact, Qi Xue’er’s heart fell inexplicably…


Qi Xue’er said sternly, “How would I know that!”


Xing Luo: “Such a simple test paper.

There is no problem with taking it a few more times.

If you don’t believe me, teacher, you can always verify it.”