The Demon Lord is Busy Chasing His Wife

In the things that had fallen to the ground, in addition to the clothes, there was a token.


Ye Li Xiao sucked the token into his hand, only to see that the token was engraved with the character Qi, which is a token only available to those from the Qi residence.


The Qi Residence was the mansion of the right minister.


That day, the right minister’s daughter Qi Xuan’er had gone to the study to look for Ye Li Xiao and had met Xing Luo, and in that same night Xing Luo suffered an assassination.


Presumably, the person in black, who had been turned to ashes, should have been sent by Qi Xuan’er.


It was quite normal to have a few underlings with a relatively higher level of cultivation.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Li Xiao had left a trace of demonic Qi in Xing Luo’s body, so that he could always sense her safety and arrive in time, Xing Luo was afraid that she would have been out of luck…


Ye Li Xio’s eyes flashed with a suppressed killing intent.

Qi Xuan’er could not stay.


“Ye Li Xiao, is your injury serious Let me take a look…” Xing Luo frowned and directly lifted up Ye Li Xiao’s injured arm to inspect his wounds.


Only to see that his sleeve was sliced open with a large slit, even cutting through his inner clothing.

His arm had a longer and deeper wound,  the flesh split open, already incessantly bleeding, and it looked shocking…


“Do you… have any panacea Quickly eat it!” Xing Luo said with anxiety.


Unlike the previous wounds that she had scratched with her claws on Ye Li Xiao’s face, if an ordinary person or animal had injured the night lord, that kind of wound would have instantly healed.


But since he was wounded by a different cultivator, the recovery rate will be several times slower.

For such a large wound, even if he took a  panacea, it would take at least two or three days to heal.


Ye Li Xiao must be in a lot of pain now…


Xing Luo didn’t know why but within her heart she actually felt a dull ache and had a strange feeling…


Didn’t Ye Li Xiao hate her Why would he block this blow for her personally


In her previous life, what Xing Luo experienced clearly let her know that Ye Li Xiao hated her.

In this life, when she came to the Demon Palace, Yuan Xiu also told her that Xing Luo, the former Demon King, was a taboo that could not be mentioned, so it was clear that Ye Li Xiao really hated her, but why did he still save her…


And more than once too.


The current appearance of Xing Luo was very similar to that of her previous life, and if Ye Li Xiao hated her, he should not have cared about her death.


But all his actions didn’t reflect that he hated her ah…


What is going on…


“Are you distressed” Ye Li Xiao lowered his eyes and stared straight at Xing Luo.


Xing Luo was stunned.

Her reaction seemed a bit too big…


By definition, she also hates him and even if he saved her, she shouldn’t be so worried about him.


But seeing Ye Li Xiao’s injuries because of herself, Xing Luo’s heart felt really depressed…


Not because he saved her, and that made her feel guilty, rather, she simply did not want to see Ye Li Xiao injured.


Although she didn’t want to admit it, she seemed really distressed…


Xing Luo said stiffly, “Supreme Lord saved me, don’t tell me that it’s abnormal for me to worry about you Supreme Lord, you’d better eat the panacea quickly and stop the bleeding first.”


Xing Luo could have stopped the bleeding, but she was only level 20 now and unable to help much.


Ye Li Xiao stared deeply at Xing Luo before taking out a pill from his sleeve and swallowing it.


It didn’t take long for the bleeding to stop, but it would take at least two more days or so for the wound to heal completely.


During this period, it was clear that it would be inconvenient for Ye Li Xiao to do anything by himself…