Chapter 22: Personally Shielding Her

“Sister Xin Yan, when this younger sister heard that you were injured, I specially came to take a look.

The Supreme Lord would actually hurt you like this for a little demon Older sister, can you swallow this anger I can’t even look at my sister! With the presence of that little demon in one day, the Supreme Lord probably won’t even glance at us! It would be better if we eliminated her together.

What does older sister think” Qi Xuan’er looked straight at Cheng Xinyan, her eyes danced with a sinister and dark light.


Cheng Xin Yan: “Then… does younger sister have any plans”


Qi Xuan’er came a little closer to her, “Older sister, this younger sister is stupid.

I can’t think of any good plan by myself.  Didn’t I come and look for you to discuss this”


“Since my younger sister trusts me so much, then this older sister should give her everything to help…” Cheng Xin Yan muttered a few words as she whispered into Qi Xuaner’s ear.



By the time Xing Luo woke up again, she was already lying on the collapsed bed in the bedchamber.

Did Ye Li Xiao carry her back


Xing Luo sat up and looked around.

Ye Li Xiao was nowhere to be seen.


While he had not yet returned, she went to take a bath, waiting for the night to come so she could sleep together with him.


Xing Luo took a clean change of clothes into the side hall and was about to take off her clothes, but suddenly she sensed killing intent coming from behind her…


As a demon king, she had experienced too many assassinations and was all too familiar with that feeling!


Xing Luo dodged the strike from behind her with a very thrilling side-step.


As she turned around, she saw the person’s appearance clearly.

He was wearing black clothes which covered his entire body and a black cloth wrapped around his face.

As for his cultivation level, Xing Luo who was only at level 20, she couldn’t truly be sure of the other’s cultivation level, but it was a certainty that the current Xing Luo was no match for him.


The man in black seemed to be a little surprised that Xing Luo, a small demon with only low cultivation could dodge his sneak attack.

But he quickly calmed down and instantly condensed an invisible sharp blade in his palm and shot it directly towards Xing Luo!


The man’s cultivation should be far greater than that of Xing Luo, and even if she could grasp the speed of the sharp flying blade with her eyes, with her present body she was not capable of dodging…


Damn it! She seared the man’s scent to memory.

If she didn’t die today, someday she must slice this black-clad man into ten thousand pieces!


Looking at the sharp blade chopping towards her…




At that very moment, Xing Luo only felt that everything before her eyes went completely dark, and then, her whole body was enveloped by a familiar magic breath.


“Ye Li Xiao!” When Xing Luo saw clearly, she found that what was blocking in front of her eyes was Ye Li Xiao’s arm, and it was him who blocked the blow for her. 


“Drip–” A single drop of blood oozed out of Ye Li Xiao’s dark-colored sleeve and dripped to the ground.


Xing Luo was unharmed, but the sharp blade just now was received with Ye Li Xiao’s own arm…


It wasn’t that he couldn’t use his own moves to strike against the sharp edge.

It was just that once the two forces collided, the consequence was that Xing Luo would be affected by the aftershocks.


The man’s cultivation level in black was at least level 80, and Ye Li Xiao had reached level 99.

Xing Luo’s current cultivation level was too low, and even if she was only affected by the aftershocks, she would be injured, and the only way to ensure that she wouldn’t suffer any harm was to personally block it for her.


The man in black who was deliberately taking advantage of Ye Li Xiao’s absence to make a move was not expecting him to come over just in time…


He knew that he could not beat Ye Li Xiao, so he turned around intending to make an escape.

But Ye Li Xiao wouldn’t give him that opportunity, and he couldn’t care less about the injuries on his arm.

He lifted his hand towards the back of the man in black and grabbed at the empty space…


“Bang!” The black-clothed man’s body directly burst open and his body turned into ashes, leaving only his clothes and the things on his body to fall to the ground…