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Chapter 19: Let me give you a massage~

In the harem, the Blossom Palace.

After hearing what the servant girl reported, Cheng Xin Yan was so angry that she smashed things like a madman!

Why would Ye Li Xiao treat Xing Luo so specially What was there to like about that small demon

Ye Li Xiao had not only abolished Cheng Xin Yans cultivation for her, but had also personally sent that little b*tch to school…

That slut deserved to die!

Cheng Xin Yan called in the servant girl and whispered a few instructions…

In the academy.

After Ye Li Xiao left, Xing Luo found a random seat and sat down.

The surrounding students only dared to look at her, but they didnt dare to find trouble with her at all.

Soon afterwards, the teacher began to speak…

Xing Luo did not listen to the contents of his lecture as she already knew it all by heart.

She yawned as she listened, and when the teacher saw her like this, he really wanted to teach her a lesson, but when he remembered that she was personally sent by the Supreme Lord, he didnt dare to flare up.

The whole process, Xing Luo practically slept facing down.

After the class, which was only for one morning, was over, Xing Luo immediately left in search of Ye Li Xiao.

As he had previously said, being around him helped Xing Luo to cultivate, so she really wished to be glued to his side for good.

As soon as Xing Luo arrived at the study, she found someone else was in there.

It was a woman, who should be a woman from Ye Li Xiaos harem.

The people in his harem, all of whom were gifted to him by his ministers, lived in the harem even though he hadnt touched any of them.

These women would usually always try to devise ways to have “chance encounters” with Ye Li Xiao.

Yesterday he abolished Cheng Xin Yans cultivation because of Xing Luo and somehow the matter had spread.

This made the women in the harem agitated and thought that Ye Li Xiao was now accepting of women, and today someone couldnt resist and came to look for…

“Supreme Lord, you must be tired from reading the memo.

Would you like me to knead your shoulders” The woman asked in a lovable and soft voice.

Knead his shoulders

Xing Luo raised her eyebrows.

That wouldnt do, the spot next to Ye Li Xiao is hers! She still had to cultivate!

Xing Luo directly pushed the door and walked in, “Supreme Lord~ Im back~ Oops There are guests, huh”

“…” The woman in the study looked at Xing Luo, and her eyes werent very friendly.

It may be assumed that this Xing Luo was the woman who was now doted on by Ye Li Xiao…

It wasnt until Xing Luo came in that Ye Li Xiaos eyes left the memorial.

When he looked at Xing Luo, the coldness in his eyes seemed to melt.

Xing Luo walked to Ye Li Xiaos side and beamingly said “Supreme Lord~ you have worked hard to deal with the memorials~ Let me give you a massage~”

Having said that, Xing Luo reached out and squeezed Ye Li Xiaos shoulder, and the man acquiesced.

The woman standing not far away saw this scene, but her heart was very shocked that Xing Luo would dare to touch Ye Li Xiao without permission.

What is even more unbelievable is that Ye Li Xiao even accepted it…

The womans face became somewhat ugly.

Just now she wanted to give Ye Li Xiao a massage and he simply ignored her, but Xing Luo dared to directly get her hands on it and came out unscathed…

Apart from Xing Luo, others didnt have this treatment.

It seems that Ye Li Xiao was really fond of this small demon…

Xing Luo didnt think so much about it.

In her previous life, she touched Ye Li Xiao casually, and didnt see him have a fit.

In this life, although she was warned that she couldnt get close to him casually, Xing Luo had already gotten used to it and didnt pay much attention.

Ye Li Xiao never did anything to her, so she went straight to it.

After a few moments, Ye Li Xiao raised his hand to cover Xing Luos hand, indicating that she didnt need to press it anymore.

Then, he patted his thigh, signaling for Xing Luo to come up.

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