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Chapter 18: Peeking at Someones Bath


Many years ago, when the relationship between Xing Luo and Ye Li Xiao hadnt deteriorated, Xing Luo would often come to the Demon Palace.

In the Demon Palace, there was a sacred tree.  The fruits on the tree were particularly delicious.

At that time, her relationship with Ye Li Xiao was both that of an enemy and friend, so even if she came to steal food, nothing would happen.


Behind that forest was the sacred mountain.


There was a spring under the mountain that absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, every day and every month, and was used by Ye Li Xiao to bathe.


At one point, Xing Luo came to steal food again and heard some movement not far away.

She ran over to look, just in time to accidentally see the scene of Ye Li Xiao stripping off his clothes and planning to get into the water to bathe…


It was also then that not only did Xing Luo see Ye Li Xiao in the light, but also saw his reverse scales and knew what his original form was.


Normally, the inverse scales dont have color and only emit a faint glow.

Even if other people see it, they wont think that it was an inverse scale.


Only on the night of the full moon, the reverse scale will appear in its original shape and color.


If someone were to see it, they would instantly understand that Ye Li Xiaos weak point was there.


Only, the area of the sacred mountain was a forbidden area.

The two strongest people in this world, one was Xing Luo, the other would be Ye Li Xiao, and besides Xing Luo, there would not be a second person who would dare to break into the forbidden area of the Demon Palace.


So apart from her, no one else would know about the original form and weaknesses of Ye Li Xiao.


Then after that, Ye Li Xiao flew into a rage out of humiliation and fought her.

Xing Luo did the equivalent of peeking into someones bath, knowing that she was in the wrong, and she didnt put up a fight and just ran away.


Later, she heard that Ye Li Xiao had ordered people to dig a bath in his bedchamber, and didnt go back to the forbidden area to bathe…


Sometimes Xing Luo even doubted that it was possible that he wanted her life because she had accidentally learned about Ye Li Xiaos weakness


In fact, Xing Luo didnt hate Ye Li Xiao.

Their previous relationship, although it wasnt good, wasnt bad either.

She liked to tease Ye Li Xiao.

Although he was a Demon Lord, he was very serious, and Xing Luo couldnt help but want to break him.


But after that incident, Xing Luo knew how much Ye Li Xiao hated her and changed her attitude.


After Xing Luo turned back into a kitten, it took a moment for Ye Li Xiao to open his eyes and act as if he had just woken up.


Xing Luo was pressing against his chest, anxiously waiting and looking at him.


Ye Li Xiao carried Xing Luo down and got up.

He put on his clothes while saying in a cold voice: “From today onwards, you will go to school.”


Although Xing Luo knew perfectly well how to cultivate, she had to pretend she didnt know, so it was better to let her go to school.


“Meow~” Xing Luo very obediently purred, lets go ahead and go.

Anyway, there was no escape.


After eating breakfast, Ye Li Xiao personally took Xing Luo to the academy.


This school was dedicated specifically to teach the aristocratic nobleman and noblewoman heirs, and all the students were young lords and ladies of respectable status.


Xing Luo, an attendant, shouldnt be qualified to come here.

If she came by herself, others will most likely underestimate and bully her.


So, Ye Li Xiao personally sent her.

The Demon Lord personally sent the person, who dares to bully


The teachers and those young masters and misses, once they saw that the Demon Lord had arrived, all bowed respectfully.

As for Xing Luo, although they didnt know her identity, she was personally sent by Ye Li Xiao, so naturally, she couldnt be offended.


Ye Li Xiao said to Xing Luo, “Go inside, and if there is anything, come and find me.”


After saying that, Ye Li Xiao turned around and left.


But with his words just now, everyone in the crowd will treat Xing Luo like an ancestor!


At the same time, not far away behind a tree, a woman dressed as a maid saw this scene and promptly went back to report…

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