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Chapter 17: Only She Knows His Weakness

Listening to Ye Li Xiaos proposal, Xing Luo was very interested, but… 

“Supreme Lord, previously didnt you say that I wasnt allowed to come near you casually”

Ye Li Xiao replied in an icy voice: “I meant that you should take your original form.

You are now at level 20 and so there will no longer be instability in your transformations.”

The implication of his words was that since she would no longer suddenly transform again, she could use her cat form to approach him.

Xing Luo: “Oof! Got it! Then, thank you, Supreme Lord!”

Soon after, Ye Li Xiao went to take a bath.

Xing Luo knew he loved being clean, so he also bathed before going into his bed chamber.

At this moment, Ye Li Xiao was only wearing a white undershirt, his belt loosely tied, and his strong and sturdy pectoral and abdominal muscles were vaguely visible inside.

If he wasnt Ye Li Xiao, Xing Luo would have had no doubt he was deliberately seducing her…

When Xing Luo came in, she was in cat form.

She walked to the front and jumped up to down.

Ye Li Xiao looked at her with faint suspicion, then extinguished the lamp and lay down on the bed.

Xing Luo originally only wanted to lie down next to him, but after she laid down, he reached out with his big hands and put Xing Luo on top of him, so that she pressed against his chest.

“Meow” Xing Luo produced an uncomprehending sound, but Ye Li Xiao closed his eyes and ignored her.

Xing Luo only thought that because she was now only a cat, so Ye Li Xiao hugged her, right She thought little of it and closed her eyes to sleep.

At night…

Ye Li Xiao actually hadnt slept and had waited until he confirmed that Xing Luo had fallen asleep.

He opened his eyes and looked at the kitten on his body.

A trace of demonic qi suddenly surged out of his palm.

Then, that demonic qi drilled into Xing Luos body…

In the next second, only to hear a “Peng—” sound, and she turned from a cat into a naked woman…

\" \"

Xing Luo still hadnt woken up.

She wasnt wearing anything, and her whole body was pressed against Ye Li Xiaos body.

The man hurriedly pulled the quilt over her body, covering both of them.

Covered with the quilt, Ye Li Xiao reached out and wrapped his arms around her waist…

She was pressed against him like this, and frankly, it made the man feel very uncomfortable, but he couldnt do anything about it.

After all, he had to pretend to be unaware now, as he didnt want to scare her away…

Ye Li Xiao was already very satisfied that he had the opportunity to hold her now as he didnt have the opportunity to hold her before.

Furthermore, he also didnt have the opportunity to hold her without clothes…

Ye Li Xiao didnt fall asleep the whole night.

Early the next morning…

Sensing that Xing Luo was about to wake up, Ye Li Xiao then closed his eyes, and of course, pretended to be asleep.

As soon as Xing Luo woke up, she realized that the situation was not right…

She looked at her body with an endearingly silly face.

How did she change into a human form Could it be that last night she had absorbed too much spiritual qi Ye Li Xiaos cultivation brought her much gain, perhaps it was absorbed too much, and she couldnt control it and transformed.

Xing Luo wanted to climb down quietly but noticed a faint glow emanating from the place just below the mans neck.

Ye Li Xiaos inner garment was slightly open and his chest could be seen.

The shiny and flickering place was the location of his reverse scale.

Ye Li Xiaos real body was that of a dragon.

This was a matter only Xing Luo knew…

The reverse scales of the dragon were the dragons weakness.

Xing Luo muttered in a low voice, “Surprisingly, the illuminated weak point was in front of me, and you are not afraid that I will kill you…”

After saying that, she reverted back to her cat state.

What she didnt know was that it was also because of this muttered sentence that Ye Li Xiao had completely confirmed her identity.

Because, only Xing Luo knew that the actual body of Ye Li Xiao was a dragon, and only she had seen his reverse scales and knew about his weakness…

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