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Chapter 14: She is This Honored Ones Person


“Pa—” There was a loud noise, but the expected pain did not come.


“Ah!” Cheng Xin Yans blood-curdling scream subsequently rang out.


Before Xing Luo could open her eyes, a familiar magic breath enveloped her entire body.

Was Ye Li Xiao coming


As soon as Xing Luo opened her eyes, she saw the man standing in front of her, his tall figure completely blocking her.


He had come to save her


Its unbelievable.

Shouldnt he hate her


A powerful, gloomy, and bone-chilling pressure surrounded Ye Li Xiao.

Dark clouds instantly covered the entire sky densely over the Demon Palace.

For a while, people in the Demon Palace were anxious, knowing that this was an indicator of their kings anger, but they could only clench their teeth and endure the immense pressure from their king.


Even though Xing Luo stood just behind him, she could not feel the slightest bit of pressure, as if the oppressive pressure emanating from his body had intentionally avoided her…


But Cheng Xin Yan did not have the same treatment.

She was lying on the ground, with blood hanging from the corner of her lips.

Just now she had not hit Xing Luo with the whip, but she was sent flying away by the sudden appearance of Ye Li Xiao with a flick of his sleeve.


Cheng Xin Yan only felt that her five viscera and six bowels1 seemed like they had been shocked and shattered, but she also had to withstand Ye Li Xiaos powerful pressure.

It would be better to die rather than to live at all…


Ye Li Xiaos face was ice-cold, and he looked at Cheng Xin Yan condescendingly.

This was the first time he had faced her directly, but it was a pity that it was not a good thing.


Ye Li Xiao lightly opened his thin lips, and his cold, detached, and gloomy voice faintly rang out, “Who do you want to teach a lesson for this Honored One When did you beget the idea that you could represent this Honored One2”


“Supreme… Supreme Lord… It was that small demon who tarnished your reputation.

She said that… she was your most beloved woman… so I wanted to teach her a lesson! I absolutely didnt want to offend the Supreme Lords prestige!” Cheng Xin Yans breath was unsteady, as she explained.


When she heard this, it immediately startled Xing Luo! If Ye Li Xiao found out, would he kill her!


“…” Ye Li Xiao narrowed his eyes dangerously, he slightly leaned his head sideways and glanced at Xing Luo out of the corner of his eyes ” My most beloved woman”


Xing Luo subconsciously swallowed the saliva in her mouth.

She didnt know what to think, but she actually stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Ye Li Xiao, tilted her little face up, and said with a smile, “Supreme Lord~ Dont tell me that it isnt so”


Ye Li Xiaos eyes paused, and in the next instant, the magic breath from his body immediately erupted.

However, the powerful pressure was pressed towards Cheng Xin Yan, and she was pushed down to her knees unable to stand.


Ye Li Xiao said in a cold voice: “She is this Honored Ones person and even if you want to teach her a lesson, why should you get a turn”


Cheng Xin Yan trembled all over, her face was completely pale, and her eyes lacked spirit and she was so scared that she was about to pass out.


Why is the Supreme Lord so protective of that little demon


Cheng Xin Yan was the daughter of the important minister of the Demon Realm.

She thought that even if Ye Li Xiao knew that she had taught Xing Luo a lesson, he wouldnt do anything to her.

But now, Ye Li Xiao clearly wanted her life…


“Ah!” Cheng Xin Yan was unable to bear it and completely passed out.


Ye Li Xiao did not kill her but abolished her cultivation.

So from now on, she was reduced to a waste who could not cultivate and see if she could still bully people in the future.


Xing Luo looked at Ye Li Xiao in front of her, and then looked at Cheng Xin Yan who had passed out.

Why would he do this


Xing Luo thought he would teach her a lesson…


In fact, Ye Li Xiao himself also didnt know why he wanted to protect this little demon.

He even almost used a heavy hand and directly killed Cheng Xin Yan, the daughter of an important minister.


It should be because she was too similar to that person…


Even if it was just a similar person, Ye Li Xiao would not allow her to be bullied.

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FootnotesInternal organsThis is how he refers to himself in the third person.