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Chapter 10: He couldnt

Xing Luo: ” I understand, I understand~”

Ye Li Xiao was now her golden master.

How could she dare to offend him

With her current cultivation level, she does not have the strength to fight with Ye Li Xiao.

To provoke him, is that not courting death Xing Luo knew what she had to do.

Yuan Xiu: “Thats all I can say.

If Miss Luoer has any questions, you can look for me.”

“Good, little brother, thank you~” Xing Luo tried patting Yuan Xius shoulder.

“Youre welcome, Miss.” Yuan Xiu seamlessly avoided her hand.

Although the Supreme Lord said that this Luoer was only his attendant, he could immediately guess from her resemblance to that persons appearance that this was the reason why Ye Li Xiao kept Xing Luo with him.

Since she was a substitute for that person, then naturally Yuan Xiu was not allowed to put his hands on her1.

“…” Xing Luo smiled and withdrew her hand.

Do the people in the Demon Palace not allow touching Is it possible that they are afraid of being eaten by her 

When she says eat, she means literally eat, not the other meaning2. 

But Xing Luo was a tiger, who stood at the top of the food chain.

In the Six Realms, there was no food that she couldnt eat. 

But in the enemys territory, it was only natural that she didnt dare to be so unbridled.

Moreover, although Xing Luo was not a good person, she wouldnt eat anyone at random.

She only ate things that were evil.

“Oh, by the way,” Xing Luo looked at Yuan Xiu with interest, “You said just now that there are no women in the imperial palace, and the Supreme Lord also hates people getting close to him.

Is he… not able to do it”

“Miss, you must not speak such drivel!” Yuan Xiu said with a scared face.

This girl is truly reckless, she dared to say anything!

Supreme Lords capabilities, how could they be discussed by them

This girl was so daring to maliciously speculate and slander His Majesty.

She took his words in one ear and it went out the other.

Unexpectedly she wanted to die

Yuan Xiu hastily explained, “Miss Luoer, our Supreme Lord is just clean and does not get close to women.

It is not that he cant.”

“Why does he not get close to women Is he not interested in women He… is he fond of men Its no wonder there are no women in the imperial palace.” Xing Luo analyzed.

“It really isnt the case! Miss, dont mention these words before the Supreme Lord!” Yuan Xiu said somewhat anxiously.

If she dared to say so much in front of Ye Li Xiao, even if the cat had nine lives, it would be useless! 

“I know~ Im only saying this all of a sudden in front of you~” In front of Ye Li Xiao, isnt she tired of living

“Hu3… ” Yuan Xiu said with a relaxed tone, ” Miss, our Supreme Lord has a woman he likes for many years, and he is keeping himself pure for that woman, not the way that the Miss guessed.”

“Oh” Xing Luo raised her eyebrows, “That woman, who is she”

She unexpectedly did not know that Ye Li Xiao was such an infatuated and devoted person

But it still didnt change the fact that she hated him.

Yuan Xiu pursed his lower lip and didnt speak again.

Clearly, what she asked was taboo and couldnt be told to her.

“Do not say even if…” Anyway, whoever Ye Li Xiao likes, it has nothing to do with Xing Luo.

Xing Luo: “Then do you know what the Supreme Lord is doing”

Yuan Xiu: “He is going to deal with the memorial.”

“Then can I go look for him”

“No… ” OK.

“Peng!” Yuan Xius line of words spoke out too late, only to hear a loud sound.

Looking again, Xing Luo was already nowhere to be gone, and her clothes fell to the ground, only bulging in the middle.

After a while, a small kitten crawled out of the clothes, but the fur also trembled.

Damn it, barely transformed into a human and still unstable, but actually transformed back to a kitten.

\" \"

Yuan Xiu: “…” Xing Luo in a womans form couldnt go to disturb the Supreme Lord, but turning back into a kitten was not a bad idea.

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FootnotesThis was an idiom that translated means to get a share of the action, but it didnt make sense in this context, so I edited it to have the same meaning.The other meaning of eat could be to eat another person… you know… the sexual R18 meaning.

This is a breathing sound, like an exhale.