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Xing Luo slowly opened her eyes.

There was a familiar place in front of her, which seems like a paradise with trees and flowers everywhere.

This is the Demon Realm, her, Demon King Xing Luos territory.

It seems like she succeeded in passing the tribulation

“Wu, wu, wu… Oh, Your Majesty! Farewell! Servants will miss you!” At this time, a very discordant wail passed into Xing Luos ears.

Your Majesty Farewell

Isnt she alive and well How dare those people curse her

Xing Luos eyes went cold, and she opened her mouth to reprimand: “Meow!” Impudent!


She had just … seemed to make a strange sound She should be saying impudent right, but why does the sound resemble a cats cry

“Meow” Xing Luo opened her mouth again, still meowing like a cat.

Now she is very confused…

She is the most powerful demon of the six realms, but her original form is a Tiger, King of the Hundred Beasts! How can she make a cats cry! What a disgrace!

Xing Luo quickly looked down at her hand, but saw a furry, white cat paw!

Only a small part of the paw is white, the hair on her legs is black, but it also looks very petite!

Even the appearance of the transformation is far from being reached!

Xing Luo promptly stood up, but her visual field was not much greater than when she was lying down.

Xing Luos mind suddenly hummed for a moment, she should not … couldnt be!

Xing Luo raised her small head and looked around.

Not far away, she found many people gathering, and the cries were coming from over there.

In addition to the weeping, you can also see the clothes worn by those people, all in black and white, and the surroundings were arranged to look like a funeral.

Xing Luo immediately ran over there…

When she came closer, Xing Luo saw many familiar faces in that group, including her subordinates, the ministers from the demon realm, her biological older brother Xing Liu Che, and other people who were sent from various realms.

Xing Luo saw a beautiful ice coffin, which she personally built for herself.

She is the Demon King and might die at any time, and she wanted to die with dignity.

So she made such a beautiful coffin for herself with her own hands, but she didnt expect it to come in handy so soon.

So, is it really her body that is lying inside the ice coffin

Xing Luo remembered that after she had taken care of the matters in the demon realm, she had gone into seclusion for the tribulation.

That was the last tribulation she needs to undergo, but also the most challenging.

She succeeded in undergoing the tribulation, and smoothly entered the last cultivation stage, then she could obtain immortality; if she failed the tribulation, then she would die.

This last tribulation, she needs to endure 7 rounds of 7 thunderbolts, for a total of 49 heavenly dragon-shaped thunderbolts.

Xing Luo did not know that she lost consciousness while receiving the first few thunderbolts.

It seems to be a failure.

But the Heavens have treated her well, and she was given a chance for rebirth; however, she was reborn in the body of a kitten that has not yet been transformed and has to start again from scratch.

Xing Luo does not know whether she should cry or laugh…

However, in her previous life, she had cultivated once, so in this life, the speed of her cultivation will not be very slow.

Xing Luo doesnt have any plans yet; she wants to … look at her dead body, but at the moment its crowded and clearly inconvenient.

Xing Luo found a place nearby to lie down.

She wanted to wait until the funeral is over, and there are not many people left, and then examine again.

She didnt know how long it took for the crowd to gradually disperse.